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Shimadzu Europa GmbH
About us
Instruments and solutions for top level food safety and food quality.

Shimadzu is a worldwide leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation. Its equipment and systems are used as essential tools for quality control of consumer goods and articles of daily use, in food and beverages, food packaging and agriculture, as well as in all areas of health care, environmental and consumer protection.

For more than 140 years, Shimadzu has been at the service of science ensuring precise, reliable diagnoses and analyses in food, chemistry, pharmacy and medicine. Shimadzu´s innovative solutions in field of atomic- and molecular spectroscopy, gas- and liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, environmental analysis, balances, biotechnology and material testing make up a homogeneous yet versatile offering to serve individual needs.

Shimadzu has become the only supplier of the whole range of analytical instruments whose product offering has grown constantly. At the same time, Shimadzu is the market- or technological leader in almost all areas. Shimadzu is focused on top quality when developing products, including ease of operation, optimum service and an impressive cost/performance ratio.

From the very beginning, Shimadzu has been involved in the development of analytical methods in compliance with the European regulations and guidelines related to environmental and food control with a focus on the highest level of food safety and food quality.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific
About us
Pesticide residues testing matters

Targeted and non-targeted pesticide residues testing in complex food matrices is challenging.

Whether you perform routine or research analysis, Thermo Scientific’s workflow solutions are designed to help you meet these challenges, today and in the future. Our comprehensive technology portfolio including LC-MS, GC-MS and IC-MS offer, the sensitivity, resolution, and flexibility needed to maximise productivity and analytical scope. Add robust instrument performance, proven in 24/7 operation, and achieve high-confidence results, faster, at the lowest possible cost.

Always what’s next!

It is unfortunate we were not able to share our latest innovations and developments in pesticides in person.

Therefore, we have arranged for our vendor lectures to be broadcast as webinars by LCGC on May 19th and June 10th 2020. Further information is included in the vendor presentation slides.

Want to know more?
Visit: www.thermofisher.com/anionicpesticides or www.thermofisher.com/pesticides
Waters Corporation
About us
From the everyday consumer to scientists in the laboratory, we all rely on accurate information to make critical decisions. Waters Corporation is the world's leading specialty measurement company focused on improving human health and well-being through the application of high-value analytical technologies and industry leading scientific expertise.

Our decisions and actions are guided by two simple words – Deliver Benefit. Driven by this ethos for over sixty years, Waters has continually pioneered chromatography and mass spectrometry, with award winning service and support to lead you through bottlenecks throughout your analytical workflow. We understand that meeting testing requirements in a time, resource and cost- effective manner can introduce challenges when analyzing food, feeds and water for residues of plant protection products, and their metabolites.

Our diverse organization is well-positioned to Deliver Benefit through our solutions for the comprehensive analysis of pesticides and dedicated team of food and environmental experts, #AnalyticalFoodies, offering you the support in resolving your analytical and workflow challenges.

To learn more, visit www.waters.com/food or www.waters.com/analyticalfoodies

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Bruker Daltonics
About us
Bruker is enabling scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and develop new applications that improve the quality of human life. Bruker’s high-performance scientific instruments and high-value analytical and diagnostic solutions enable scientists to explore life and materials at molecular, cellular and microscopic levels. In close cooperation with our customers, Bruker is enabling innovation, improved productivity and customer success in life science molecular research, in applied and pharma applications, in microscopy and nanoanalysis, and in industrial applications, as well as in cell biology, preclinical imaging, clinical phenomics and proteomics research and clinical microbiology.

Bruker Daltonics, a division of the Bruker Corporation, provides cutting edge mass spectrometry solutions which include MALDI-TOF, UHR-QTOF, Ion Traps, MRMS as well as LC and GC systems to solve the most demanding analytical questions presented to these markets today.

For more information, please visit: www.bruker.com.
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CEM Corporation
About us
CEM was founded in 1978 by our current CEO, Dr. Michael J. Collins. For over 40 years we have designed and developed laboratory instrumentation and scientific methods (both microwave-based and non-microwave technologies) that are used by major companies, prestigious research institutes, and universities around the world.

We are a private company with global headquarters outside Charlotte, North Carolina, along with offices in England, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Singapore, and Ireland.

Our major products provide unique solutions for compositional analysis of food and chemical samples, acid digestion for elemental analysis, and chemical synthesis of peptides and small molecules.
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About us
GERSTEL is focused on developing and producing systems and solutions for chemical analysis, specializing in automated sample and standard preparation and introduction to GC/MS or LC/MS.

Our automated solutions range from Workstations to complete GC/MS and LC/MS solutions under integrated software control. MAESTRO software enables intuitive control and flexible, efficient operation for routine analysis or R&D laboratories. Your daily analysis tasks are set up using just a few mouse-clicks, including generating and adding series of standards for quality control and calibration purposes.

Steady growth over the past more than 50 years has resulted in several relocations to ever- larger facilities. With offices in Germany, the U.S.A., Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and, last, but not least, China – and with a global network of distributors - GERSTEL delivers and supports our unique solutions world-wide.

GERSTEL offers Sample Preparation and Analyte Concentration solutions for GC/MS and LC/MS. Technologies include Liquid Extraction, Derivatization, Addition of internal standard(s), Generation of Standard Series, Sample Preparation, Automated SPE and micro-SPE, Dispersive SPE (DPX), Evaporative Concentration and Solvent Change, Centrifugation as well as Automated GC Liner Exchange (ALEX).

GERSTEL MAESTRO Software operates independently or integrated with Agilent Technologies Software. GERSTEL is the leading Agilent Technologies Premier Solutions Partner.
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Merck KGaA
About us
Visit: sigmaaldrich.com/pesticides

Merck KGaA of Darmstadt, Germany is a leading company in offering innovative and top-quality products for analytical lab work in the food and beverage industry as well as for the environmental testing. Around 50,000 employees work in 66 countries, where Merck scientists and engineers are committed to uniquely support your critical work with proven regulatory expertise and a dedicated portfolio of the most trusted tools and services covering R&D and manufacturing QC. We offer high-precision Supelco® analytical reagents and instruments, solutions for sample preparation, separation, filtration and monitoring as well as Milli-Q® best-in-class laboratory water, so you can produce consistent and secure results.
Restek Corporation
About us
Chromatography is what Restek does, and chromatography is who we are. We are an independent, international, and diverse team of employee-owners not bound to a specific brand of instrument or geographic region. We live and breathe phase chemistry, peak separations, resolution, and inertness because while chromatography may be a necessary tool in your business, it is our business. And it is a business that we directly serve across 100+ countries and six continents with unrivaled Plus 1 service, applications, and expertise.

From LC and GC columns to sample preparation, reference standards to accessories, Restek is your first and best choice for chro-matography.

Restek is Pure Chromatography. www.restek.com
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About us
The SCIEX Food Compendium
Download from:

SCIEX delivers solutions for the precision detection and quantification of molecules, empowering our customers to protect and advance the wellness and safety of all. We have led the field of mass spectrometry for 50 years. From the launch of the first ever commercially successful triple quadrupole in 1981, we have developed groundbreaking technologies and solutions that influence life-changing research and outcomes.

Today, as part of the Danaher family of global life science and technology innovators, we continue to pioneer robust solutions in mass spectrometry and capillary electrophoresis. Our customers are able to quickly respond to environmental hazards, better understand biomarkers relevant to disease, improve patient care in the clinic, bring relevant drugs to market faster and keep food healthier and safer.

That’s why thousands of life science experts around the world choose SCIEX to get the answers they can trust to better inform critical decisions that positively impact lives. For more information, visit sciex.com.

Advances in human wellness depend on the power of precise science.
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Great Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
About us
GETECH Funded in 1999.

In the recent 20 years, we have agents acting several well-known brands, such as the United State's Agilent, Canada's EXFO, the Netherland's PHILIPS, Germany's Gerstel, the United State's Fluke, Switzerland's VICI.

We establish of R&D center to create our own brand, committed to the overall IT solutions, and the factory exclusive production FaPEx pesticide and FaVEx veterinary drug extraction. GETECH adheres to the belief of "Excellent Service Quality", "Professional Technical Capabilities", and takes "Faith, Commitment, Innovation and Customer Trust" as the central idea unceasing to bring the most valuable services to customers and partners.
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LECO Corporation
About us
The one thing all laboratories need to be successful is results they feel confident in. Since 1936, millions of samples worldwide have been analyzed using LECO instruments for elemental analysis, thermal analysis, metallography, and mass spectrometry. Our comprehensive solutions for improving productivity include working with you to find the right equipment for the type of analysis you are doing — and providing you with the training, application support, and service you need to keep your lab running at its best.

LECO instruments helps to monitor environmental impact, manage agricultural resources more efficiently by monitoring composition of arable soils, crop and fertilisers; determining optimum nutrition values for animal feed.

Multi-residue methods and screening all at once – food contamination, authenticity, or traceability. LECO solutions provide unrivalled performance, sensitivity, speed, and robustness.
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Scharlab S.L.
About us
Headquartered in Barcelona (Spain), Scharlab has experienced an outstanding growth in the last few decades. This has led us to have direct presence in 11 countries and enabled us to develop a worldwide presence through a distribution network covering over 100 countries.

The company was founded in 1949 in Barcelona under the name of FEROSA as an organic compond synthesising company. In 1954, this company was bought by Paul Scharlau, a second generation German in Spain. He then reached an agreement with the German Company Dr. Theodor Schuchardt to distribute their laboratory chemicals and to manufacture under licence in Spain.

In 1970, Schuchardt was sold to Merck-Darmstadt and FEROSA had no alternative but to start selling chemicals under a different name. Thus the Scharlau brand was born in 1971. Thousands of purification processes were consequently perfected to offer reagents of exceptional purity.

In 1980, Paul Scharlau passed away and his son, Werner, took over the business. The company then focused on providing high purity solvents in general and HPLC solvents in particular.

Between 1990 and 1997, the company added new product families to its portfolio, making a transition from a solvent manufacturer to a fully-fledged reagent company. Since then, the company has added new business lines such as culture media for microbiology, laboratory glassware and chromatography accessories. Today, the company offers a complete portfolio of laboratory supplies and operates under the Scharlab company name and Scharlau product brand.

Currently, Scharlab employs over 300 people and it is a company dedicated to design, manufacture and distribute products and services supporting scientist to achieve a better world. Scharlab does not belong to a private equity fund, which means it can focus on long-term goals that guarantee stability for both its customers and its team.
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About us
UCT is a vertically integrated manufacturer of high-quality Sample Prep and HPLC column products that continuously meet and exceed laboratory's needs. We combine this with world-class technical support. Product lines include Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) cartridges, countless QuEChERS configurations and push-thru cartridges, Selectra® U/HPLC columns, vacuum and positive pressure manifolds (PPM), solvent evaporation systems and Selectrasil® reagents and enzymes. UCT’s extensive line of bonded phases is offered in columns, well-plates, or bulk quantities. Stop by our booth to explore new HPLC column chemistries, sample clean-up products, and additional processing accessories being introduced.

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Axel Semrau stands for application-oriented equipment and system solutions in automatic sample preparation and instrumental analysis.

We offer innovative and practical applications for several markets, but food analysis is our specialty. Our developments are created in cooperation with customers and well-known manufacturers and are installed ready to run in laboratories. Many employees have years of practical experience.

Our CHRONECT Workstation MultiMix is our latest development. It is able to produce functional standard mixtures from stock solutions under gravimetric control. This is done according to SANTE/11813/2017. 28 of May, 2020 we offer a free webinar, which you can register for by sending an e-mail to seminar@axelsemrau.de.
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Berghof Analytics
About us
Berghof Analytics - B-SAFE!

Reliable. Responsible. Personal. Over 40 years of experience. Whether you need routine or custom analyses, your Berghof Analytics representative is always ready to support you. B-SAFE when it comes to quality analyses for herbal medicine and homeopatic substances.
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Distibuciones Industriales y Científicas S.L.
About us
DICSA, Distribuciones Industriales y Cientificas S.L., started its activity in 1987 in order to colaborate with Companies and profesionals who need scientific instrumentation and equipment for the development of their activities.

Our activity covers the commercialization of scientific instrumentation, reagents and consumables, as well as the design, assembly and commissioning of turnkey laboratories.

We have a wide commercial network distributed throughout Andalusia, Extremadura and Madrid, having our headquarters in the province of Almería, from where we serve all our clients from our facilities of more than 2000m2.

Our most prominent hallmarks are:
  • Demand in the quality of the service.
  • Quick response.
  • Personalized attention.
  • Delegations in various provinces
  • Centralized coordination.

    We demand ourselves to be professionally better everyday, making it compatible with the development of a work environment that make easy the professional growth of all the people who are part of DICSA, while allowing the reconciliation of their work and family life.
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    +34 950 55 33 33

    About us
    Fundación Caja Rural Granada is a non-profit with its own legal entity, created in 2003 by Caja Rural Granada to return to citizens, in a voluntary and altruistic way, part of the profits generated by their financial activity.

    Last year, Caja Rural has spent more than three million euros to improve the well-being of society through the Education and Promotion Fund, which deals with developing cooperativism, agricultural experimentation, divulgation and transfer of technology to agriculture, and Fundación Caja Rural Granada.

    Its firm commitment to culture, vulnerable groups, grassroots sports, the environment, research and scientific divulgation is shown through the more than 800 activities that Fundación Caja Rural Granada has organized or sponsored during the previous year in Granada, Málaga, Almería and Madrid. This means that more than 1,000,000 people have benefited from Foundation support in all that time. On its side, Caja Rural Granada, through its Technical Board, deals with developing cooperativism, agricultural study, divulgation and transfer of technology and agriculture. In 1980, the entity began agricultural experimentation in the region of the Coast. Since 2008, the new estate is located in the "Puntalón" area, with an area of 3 Has., where tests are carried out in intensive horticulture and subtropical fruit growing.
    About us
    The HPC Standards GmbH is a Manufacturer and distributor of high-purity analytical standards for residue analysis. Our ISO 9001 certified and according to ISO 17034 accredited company specializes in the manufacture of reference materials for pesticides, veterinary products as well as their metabolites and stable isotope-labelled derivatives. We are your competent partner in the fields of food- and environmental analysis. Our products are tested in line with international quality requirements and meet the highest industrial standards. Our customers benefit from our proactive support team assisting you all the way from identifying your target substance to on-time delivery and beyond. Our customer service staff will be more than happy to help you adapt your delivery to your personal interests and needs.
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    About us
    IonBenchTM, manufacturer of mobile benches for scientific instruments, and especially designed for Mass Spectrometers. IonBenchTM is supplying pharmaceutical, environmental, clinical and university laboratories. IonBenchTM products are designed to ease the day to day use of your LC/GC/MS, by providing a significant number of features that makes your working conditions better:Quieter environment with an integrated noise reduction enclosure, including cooling system based on silent fan technology and with an overheating temperature alarm (audible & visual, on a battery back-up). Increased accessibility with a fully movable Mass Spectrometer bench.

  • Vacuum pumps stored on a specific patented absorbing vibration rack
  • Better ergonomics and security in labs, by using a bench designed for your application taking into consideration your specific requirements! (Electricity, monitor arm, solvent storage…)

  • Ion Benches are compatible with all major Mass Spectrometry brands, such as Agilent, Bruker, Jeol, Leco, Perkin Elmer, Sciex, Shimadzu, Thermo Scientific, Waters...
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    Lab Instruments Srl
    About us
    Lab.Instruments (Italy) is the ISO17034 RMP accredited with the best-stocked CRM pesticide’s catalog, vet drugs, mycotoxins, polar labeled pesticides. New ISO17025:2017 requires using CRM standards for the instruments calibration in the accredited methods. CRM have to be manufactured by Authoritative Institutions or by Reference Materials Producer (RMP) accredited ISO17034:2016 with right accreditation purpose. CRM LabStandard®: neat pesticides, single solution, mixtures solutions, QuPPe, Vet Drugs, Mycotoxins, labelled or not, and “Explorer Collection Kits” and also “Ready to use” are designed to meet the needs of every laboratory who want to quickly apply multiresidual analysis in accordance with official methods and with ISO17025:2017. QuEChERS AOAC 2007.01 and EN15662:2018 available. LabStandard®: “Our solution is your solution” Visit: www.labinstruments.org.
    Mettler Toledo
    About us
    METTLER TOLEDO is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. The Company has strong worldwide leadership positions. A significant majority of our instrument sales are in segments in which we are the global leader. In addition to a broad product offering, we have one of the largest global sales and service organizations among precision instrument companies.

    We focus on the high value-added segments of our markets by providing innovative instruments that often integrate various technologies including application-specific solutions for customers. We design our instruments not only to gather valuable data but also to facilitate the processing and transfer of this data into customers' management information systems.
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