Invited Lectures

Development, Application and QC/QA of Analytical Methods

Exploring New Heights on the Orbitrap Journey (Keynote Lecture)

Alexander Makarov
Thermo Fisher Scientific – Bremen, Germany

Selective Multi-Residue Method for polar pesticides and metabolites (NL-PP) in food and feed samples

Sonia Herrera
WFSR-Wageningen University and Research, The Netherland

More than QuEChERS is also Efficient and Robust: The QuEChERSER Mini/Mega Method Workflow  

Steven J. Lehotay
Agricultural Research Service-USDA, USA

Dealing with Esters and Conjugates in Pesticide Residue Analysis

Michelangelo Anastassiades
EURL-SR, CVUA Stuttgart, Germany

Application of new chromatographic strategies for pesticide residue analysis with mass spectrometric techniques

Amadeo R. Fernandez-Alba
 EURL-FV, University of Almería,  Spain)

Automatic preparation of working standards with 500+ components in accordance to SANTE/11813/2017 including control of evaporation losses, identity checks, indelibly labelling and full record keeping in a LIMS system

Steffen Rothmeier
 Institute Kichhoff Berlin, Germany

EA guidelines for accreditation of pesticide residues analysis in food and feed

Elisa Gredilla
 Spainsh National Accreditation Body – ENAC, Spain

Regulatory Issues, Monitoring, Toxicology and Risk Assessment

Cumulative risk assessment of dietary exposure to pesticide residues and their effects on selected target organ systems (Keynote Lecture)

Antonio Hernández-Jerez
 University of Granada, Spain

EU monitoring data: latest findings and new ways forward

Paula Medina
 European Food Safety Authority – EFSA 

Notifications for Pesticide Residues in the Chilean Food Safety Information and Alert Network

Eduardo Aylwin
Agencia Chilena para la Calidad e Inocuidad Alimentaria – AICHIPIA, Chile

Pesticide dietary risk assessment: First steps in new approaches for Argentina (Young Scientist Lecture)

Dario A. Maggioni
PRINARC – FIQ, National University of Litoral, Argentina

Themed Day: Processed Food

Pesticide residues in processed food: an introduction

Andreas Schümann
 Kantonales Labor Zürich, Switzerland

Pesticide residues in cereal based processed food

Mette Poulsen
 EURL-CF, Danish Technical University, Denmark

Analysis of Processed Food of Animal Origin and Deviation of Processing Factors for Selected Pesticides

Ralf Lippold
 EURL-AO, CVUA-Freiburg, Germany

Processing factors in dietary exposure assessment – One step closer to reality

Bruno Dujardin
 European Food Safety Authority – EFSA

Novel approaches for the determination of pesticide residues in olive oil

Juan F. García Reyes
 University of Jaén, Spain

Databases on processing factors – benefits and limitations

Britta Michalski
 BfR-German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment Department, Germany

Challenges of processing studies – A Registrant’s Perspective

Monika Bross
 BASF SE, Germany

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