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Dear EPRW 2020 – AT HOME participants,

Unfortunately, I can not welcome you to EPRW 2020 at the Granada Conference Centre. In this month of May we are not allowed to travel to Granada, and all hotels, restaurants and places of tourist and cultural interest in Granada are closed. Quite possibly they will remain closed until the end of the year. However, thanks to the great effort made by all the participants, all the sponsors, and the EPRW 2020 Technical Secretariat, today I can welcome you to EPRW 2020 – AT HOME on behalf of the Scientific and Local Organising Committees.

Without a doubt, we must be satisfied. The degree of acceptance of the EPRW 2020 – AT HOME alternative plan has been much higher than expected, and its fundamental objective has been achieved since most of the authors of invited lectures and accepted oral/poster presentations have presented and shared their works with the EPRW community. Despite the exceptional and dramatic circumstances in which we are involved, the number of cancellations, both of participants and of sponsors, has been relatively small, and most of the abstracts of the presentations scheduled at EPRW 2020 have been published in the “EPRW 2020 – AT HOME Book of Abstracts”. Likewise, the number of complete presentations (oral and posters) published on the EPRW 2020 website has undoubtedly been much higher than expected.

Certainly, it has not been possible to meet and interact with all of our colleagues from the «pesticide residue family» in Granada, but I hope that we can make up for this “lost time” at our next meeting at EPRW 2022.

Antonio Valverde (EPRW 2020 Chair)

11th of May 2020