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Bellow, you can find the basic principles of the EPRW 2020 – AT HOME alternative workshop plan.

  • All activities in person at EPRW 2020 will be suspended, including the pre-workshop course, vendor sessions, and exhibition.
  • The EPRW 2020 website will be used to publish all the oral presentations and posters included in the scientific program.
  • The authors/affiliation and titles of all the accepted oral/poster presentations will be posted on the website by 1st of April.
  • A new “EPRW 2020 – AT HOME” REGISTRATION will be activated on the website by the 1st of April. The new fee will be 345 euros, which equals the early bird registration fee minus 200 euros. The student (early bird) registration fee will remain active.
  • All participants registered that have already paid the early bird registration fee (545 euros) will receive a reimbursement of 200 euros, if they request it before 1st of May. The institutions of all those participants who do not request this reimbursement will be considered “EPRW 2020 – AT HOME SPECIAL SPONSORS”. Student registration fees will not be reimbursed.
  • The pre-workshop course, the Gala Dinner and the Cordoba tour registration paid fees will be fully reimbursed, as well as the hotel reservations.
  • All registered participants will receive a password to have access to a restricted area of the website and a CERTIFICATE of PARTICIPATION in EPRW 2020 – AT HOME.
  • The EPRW 2020 Programme & Book of Abstracts, containing all the accepted abstracts (31 orals and 227 posters), excluding those from authors not registered by the 11th of May, will be posted on the website restricted area by the 1st of June.
  • All lectures (PDF of the PowerPoint) and poster presentations (one PDF A4 page), of presenting authors that have sent their PDF file to the technical secretariat before the 15th of May, will be posted on the website restricted area by the 1st of June.
  • All presenting authors of invited lectures and oral/poster presentations will receive a CERTIFICATE of PRESENTATION of invited lecture/oral presentation/poster at EPRW 2020 – AT HOME, if the PDF file of their presentation has been sent to the technical secretariat before the 15th of May.
  • A List of “EPRW 2020 SPECIAL SPONSORS: Stay at Home and Beat COVID-19”, with the names of the institutions of the registered participants that decline to receive any reimbursement, will be published in the website and Book of Abstracts.

NOTE: The economic balance of EPRW 2020 – AT HOME will be, according to the most optimistic forecasts, negative. However, should an unforeseen high sponsorship eventually occur, achieving a positive balance, all the benefits will be used to offer a special reduced registration fee in the next EPRW event to all the EPRW 2020 – AT HOME participants.


This new registration option offers:

  • Inclusion of the accepted oral/poster abstract in the book of abstracts.
  • Possibility of presenting the accepted oral/poster presentation without travelling (“stay at home and beat COVID-19”).
  • Access to the PDF file of the “EPRW 2020 Programme & Book of Abstracts”.
  • Access to the PDF files of all the oral and poster presentations.
  • Certificate of Participation in EPRW 2020 – AT HOME.
  • Certificate of Presentation of a Lecture/Poster at EPRW 2020 – AT HOME, if applicable.